The importance of our Suzi Coils

Our Suzi Coils can handle the cold that SA & Lesotho is experiencing at the moment! The type of nylon we use in the manufacture of our Suzi Coils is high quality Nylon PA12 which is specified to handle European temperatures. The Suzi Coils are designed and used for pneumatics and air brake lines used in trucks & trailers. For the safety of the driver, the load and other road users it is important that we complete an in house test where the Nylon PA12 is taken down to - 40 degrees celsius and then a flex test text is completed, to ensure that the Suzi Coils function correctly. Being exposed to moisture, low and high temperatures as well as impacts from stones or other objects, the Suzi Coils that are made of the incorrect type of plastic tend to fail or break, could potentially have catastrophic consequences. Contact Shaun on or 011 792 5111 for more information.