The importance of PA12 grade nylon in Suzi Coils & Nylon Tubes

Suzi coils and nylon tubing fitted to trucks and trailers are exposed to moisture, low and high temperatures as well as impacts from stones and other projectiles. For the safety of the driver, the load and other road users it is important that high grade nylon (PA 12) is used in the manufacture of suzi coils and nylon tubes used on trucks and trailers.

The PA 12 grade of nylon has a high level of durability and chemical resistance with high impact resistance, a high resistance to moisture and superior tensile strength when compared to lower grades of Nylon, such as PA 6. PA12 is the best option to be used on suzi coils and nylon tubes fitted to trucks and trailers. As an example PA 12, when fully submerged in water absorbs a maximum of 1.4% while PA 6 has an absorption rate of over 10%. PA 6 can loose up to 80% of its tensile strength due to moisture absorption, while the loss of tensile strength for PA 12 nylon is negligible due to its lower moisture absorption.

Nylon Tubes and Coils only uses PA 12 nylon in the manufacturing of suzi coils & nylon tubes The Nylon 12 tubes manufactured, comply with SABS 1194-2006 and are the only option for air brakes in the trucking and long haul industry, as these are specifically manufactured to handle the pressure, weather, temperature and rigours experienced by tubing.

Caution: Nylon 6 (PA 6), PE, PU and other polymer alloys are used to mimic the appearance of PA 12 (Nylon 12). coils manufactured from these materials are found on the South African market and should not be used. These coils are not designed for air brakes and are subject to failure at low pressure, with potentially catastrophic consequences.

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